The Team


Alan Myers




Alan, a boy hood Blue, has been commentating at Goodison Park since 1986, after been invited by Joe Palmer to join the Network. Now in his twentieth year, Alan has been the Chairman of the Network, since taking over from Ken Head when he retired in 2003.

In the late 80ís, Alan an LTA trained Tennis Coach, joined Steve Lord, Brian Keating and Steve Hunter (LFC Website commentator) to re-start commentary games from Tranmere Rovers with Arrowe Sound Hospital Radio at Arrowe Park Hospital, Birkenhead.

Favorite commentary game from Goodison ó Everton v Liverpool in the 5th round of the FA Cup in the 1990/91 Season.  One of the best every derbyís at Goodison finished in 4 - 4 draw.  Alan commented, ďI did the commentary with Ken Head that day and both of us were just physically and emotionally drained when the final whistle was blown. What a game!Ē

During 2016, Alan celebrated 30 years of service to the Network. In November, Everton made a pitch side presentation to Alan of a "Myers 30" shirt.




Steve Lord


Steve_Lord_at_Wembley_2012Steve, a boy hood Redís fan, started volunteering for hospital radio at the age of 14 at Radio Clatterbridge back in 1974. During his time at Arrowesound, Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, during the mid 80ís, Steve along with Alan Myers and Brian Keating and Steve Hunter(now LFC.TV commentator) re-started commentary broadcasts from Tranmere Rovers at Prenton Park.  During this time Steve also covered match reports for HRFN and in 1988, he was invited by Joe Palmer, along with Brian Keating, to join the commentary team at Anfield.


Favorite commentary from Anfield ó Liverpool v Chelsea in the semi-finalís of Champions League, 2005.  Both Steve and Ian Kettle did the last fifteen minutes of the game standing up as the atmosphere became so tense!



Andy Foy




Andy started broadcasting at Sunshine hospital radio at University Hospital, Aintree in 1987.  Andy regularly presented the Saturday afternoon Sportís show which included commentary from HRFN.  As Sunshine Radio used to broadcast on low powered AM, the Saturday Sports Show often had an audience from outside of the hospital listening in on a regular basis. After Sunshine Radio ceased broadcasting in 2001, Andy a big Redís fan and our resident ďRedís StatoĒ, was invited to join the commentary team by Ken Head at Anfield.  Andy started on summarizing before moving onto commentary later on.  Andy has also deputized at Goodison Park as well.


Favorite commentary from Anfield ó Liverpoolís 2-1 win over Newcastle in the FA Cup 4th Round in 2004. The game had everything including two goals in the first three minutes of the match.



 Ian Kettle



Ian, a boyhood Reds fan, held a Kop season ticket and supported the team home and away during the fantastic winning 70ís and 80ís periods.  His most memorable match at Anfield has to be the 1977 European Cup quarter final at St Etienne when super sub David Fairclough scored the winner that ultimately led to the Reds lifting the Cup for the for the first time in Rome.

With no previous broadcasting experience, Ian became involved when Steve Lord invited him to stand in as a summariser for the home game against Arsenal in December 2001.  After his successful debut, he then went onto to join the network in 2002 and moved onto commentary soon after.   Ian has also deputised at Goodison Park.



Favorite commentary from Anfield ó Liverpool v Chelsea in the semi-finalís of Champions League, 2005.  Both Ian and Steve Lord did the last fifteen minutes of the game standing up as the atmosphere became so tense! 


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