How does it work?

The commentary from Anfield and Goodison Park is linked back to Radio Broadgreen’s Studios at Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool.  HRFN is part of Radio Broadgreen.









Presenter Keith Gunson in the studio presenting the “Merseyside Match

Other local hospital radio stations such Arrowe Sound who broadcast to Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral and The Countess of Chester Hospital, link in to broadcast HRFN's Commentary.  

See for more details. 


HRFN does have the facility to provide commentary

 for the away team’s local hospital radio. If you would

 like further details of obtaining commentary for your

hospital radio while your local team is at either

Liverpool or Everton, contact us by email



If you have listened to our commentaries while in

Broadgreen, we would like to hear your comments

or suggestions.  Please email us at or leave a comment on our website.



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